It may be more dangerous to stay home.

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It’s human nature to crave freedom. But it’s responsibility that grants freedom.

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Not all medications are created equal.

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One physician’s advice on how to stay clean

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The history of the white coat

The white coat was a staple of highly successful doctors many generations before…

A growing body of research says they’re mostly beneficial — especially in young kids. Here’s a doctor’s advice.

A worried mom on the phone, looking at a thermometer after taking the temperature of her son, who is in bed with a fever.
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Make it personal

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In the comfort of your home.

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Why do noses bleed?

The nose is a highly vascular structure with great blood flow. Just think of…

Find out how well the flu vaccine works and why it could be better.

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Anyone can think like a doctor if they know what to think about.

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Are antibiotics necessary when you have a throat infection? A different way of thinking that challenges the status quo.

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Greg Gafni-Pappas

Emergency physician, patient advocate, entrepreneur, sci-fi novelist, challenging the status quo

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