Thinking behind an Animation video for Corporate Marketing

“This article is for any video designer who creates explainer videos”

Marketing is a very domain oriented process. Over time, video marketing has become an efficient and engaging way of selling products.

As a video designer, my job is to help them sell their product easily.
Here design is dominated by purpose.

As an example, if you want sell a new biscuit, you can reach out to your customers by lots of promotion activities, where you can use packaging and advertisement etc. But if you place the biscuit packet in a garment shop, then no one will purchase the biscuit. Because customers are coming to purchase garments and they really like the garments in that shop. If I place my new biscuits in a grocery shop next to a famous biscuit then there is a chance to sell my biscuit, as customers are coming to the grocery shop to purchase the biscuit.

Same if I create an animation video where it is talking about the particular product, but my customers not ready to see the animation or graphics element, than my video will not touch the purpose.

So the first thing you need to understand is what your customer wants to see. Do they really like the colors and graphics, or do they want to see the product first and graphics later?

As I am working in a SAAS company, I see our customers are very happy with our product features, so in that case if i make an animation video with lots of cool graphics elements, but product UI is not available in my video, then I am making an incomplete marketing video., But if I create a product video with product screen casts and tell a story to illustrate its benefits, it will sell the product easily. Because customers can relate to their daily problems and can see how efficient our product in solving their problem.

But graphics always attract viewers. In that case it is always good to make an animated video with product UI to explain any complex module.

Graphics in video help us explain any complex idea or feature. But if we use animation videos for all marketing purposes, it can lead to your efforts go to waste for a video nobody wants to watch.

So when a request comes for a marketing video for a particular product, think about the purpose, target audience and domain of that. Then decide which type of video can fulfill the purpose. It can help deflect lots of irrelevant requests, and you can focus on the content and the script and produce a winning video.

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