HydraDx wins the Fourth Slot of Round 2 Auctions

  1. The fourth auction of second round Polkadot Parachain (Auction#9) has just been concluded. HydraDX ($HDX) won it with 100% leading rate.
  2. HydraDX collected 2,462,543 DOT. The winner of the previous round, Centrifuge collected 5,435,161 DOT. It means, HydraDX got 2,972,618 DOT less. This is a huge drop and the contributors will be benefitted hugely.
  3. Previously, Basilisk, the sister network of HydraDX won the Kusama parachain as well.
  4. Hydra allocated 10% of their tokens to the crowdloan which his not good compared to some of the previous participants. More contributions of tokens mean, more cost to a project. As projects are seeing less competetions, I think, they might reduce their reward schemes in future. I can see the similar trend for the recent auctions of Kusama.
  5. HydraDX calls themselves a cross-chain liquidity protocol built on substrate. Their aim is to enable frictionless liquidity for all cryptoassets.
  6. HydraDX has a loyal fanbase who believes in their project. Although they entered in the crowdloan party than many other projects, they won the 4th slot coming from behind.
  7. It’s difficult to say the number of rewards each persons will get based on the DOT contributions for HydraDX. Their reward scheme incentivised early backers and it dropped significantly when they had a lead.
  8. From now on, you cannot contribute to HydraDX anymore but rest of the projects will collect DOTs from the contributors.
  9. We will have a week of break before the next auction begins. It will officially start from 17 February. However, as I mentioned, you can keep contributing for them.
  10. For the fifth slot of round 2, Interlay, Equilibrium, and Nodle are currently holding the top 3 positions. However, Interlay has a clear lead over the other two.
  11. Equilibrium seems to be offering surprise bonuses. Last week, they offered up to 200% bonus. This week, they also offered up to 150% bonus. You can grab this 150% bonus (there are conditions apply to get this 150%) on Friday, February 11, from 10 AM till 10 PM UTC
  12. We will get the fifth winner of round 2 on 24 February. There are 2 more places up for the grab including this one.
  13. In the meantime, KUSAMA Parachain auction is going on as well. KICO is leading this round and all but set to win on 13 February. KICO is the Kusama version of DICO. DICO will be a decentralised ICO platform.
  14. This spreadsheet contains necessary information for all the projects participating in Polkadot and Kusama parachain auction including latest bonus offerings, you may have a look at it.
  15. You can have a look at top 10 projects participating in the Polkadot parachain auction from here in the meantime.

Happy crowdloaning.




Crypto enthusiast, computer engineer, entrepreneur, loves to travel.

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Polkadot Parachain Auctions

Polkadot Parachain Auctions

Crypto enthusiast, computer engineer, entrepreneur, loves to travel.

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