Introducing: The ParJar starter class pilot program

Lindsey Winder
Aug 10 · 2 min read

This month, we’re launching a new pilot program on ParJar. We are selecting 5 amazing projects that are willing to stake 2 million PAR each for one year as they get added to the ParJar community.

When we launched ParJar our vision was simple: we wanted to create a way for people to share their favorite coins in group chats. Over the last 6 month we’ve done this with a wallet that has reached 14,000 people, 200 communities, and gets used over 100,000 times a month.

With our growth has come a wave of amazing projects applying to get listed on ParJar. Today we have a waitlist of 130+ projects. While we add approximately 2–3 new projects a month, we have a waitlist longer than we can accommodate.

While we are always adding new and amazing projects, we’ve wanted to try out new ideas and add projects that have merit while also pushing forward the core tokenomics behind PAR. In this pilot program we’re pushing both. We’re exploring a way to continue adding new projects, while also testing out a scalable utility for PAR.

The idea is simple — we want to find projects that believe in us as much as we believe in them. In this pilot program we’ll be selecting 5 quality projects at any stage who are willing to stake 2 million PAR each for one year. It’s straightforward, and still in line with our belief of not charging projects a listing fee, finding great projects, and incorporating a utility of our native token that grows in line with our products.

We’re picking 5 projects that believe in ParJar as much as we believe in them.

A few big points:

-The participating projects will get PAR directly through the open market.

-The PAR will belong to the project/admin/community members who put it up.

-After one year the PAR will be released. The project will continue to be listed on ParJar.

We’re thrilled about this pilot and what it means for both projects and the utility of PAR. If you have a project to nominate, or want to have your token included we will be accepting applications until August 21st, after which we will announce the five projects included in this pilot!

To apply:

Fill out the application at:

Let us know that you want to be in the staking class at:

All projects applying must be able to obtain 2 million PAR that ParJar will lock for 1 year. You can learn more information about where to find PAR at

Lindsey Winder

Written by

NYC based. Co-founder at Parachute. We’re making crypto fun, easy, and accessible for everyone. Our first product, ParJar, makes it easy for people share crypto

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