Great Customer Service will Always Beat Robots

You may have heard the recent news that Carl’s Jr. plans to replace human workers with robots. As you can imagine, a lot of people weren’t happy about it.

As technology progresses, people are becoming more and more afraid of robots taking their jobs. While these jobs are not meant to be careers, millions of people still need them to survive. At some level, I can imagine that people are afraid of robots because they know their job could be done by a robot. But is that true? Well, let’s talk about it.

We all really hate automated phone systems! The moment a robot answers the phone and asks us to speak our answer into the phone, we know that the ensuing conversation will be a miserable one. Somehow, despite speaking as clearly as possible, an automated system rarely seems to ever pick up what we are trying to say. Every time I have to talk to an automated phone system, that can’t understand anything I am saying, I am tempted to leave and buy one of their competitors products.

A company that uses a terrible answering system to “help” answer your questions is a company that doesn’t really care about you. They are trying to save money on the customer service reps that could actually help you.

Where am I going with this? Robots suck at Customer Service.

And this applies to more than automated phone systems…

One business may reduce their overhead by using robots, but another business can really excel if it focuses on great customer service. I mean, If all the restaurants in this world were operated by robots, and you had one small diner that only had humans, but had terrific customer service, that diner will outperform every robo-restaurant out there.

Even if you tried to build an A.I. System with great Customer Service Algorithms, an incredible human customer service rep will win. It doesn’t matter how much neural networking you apply to your automated rep, people will know that they are just talking to a robot. They need a human touch.

Customers want someone that understands them emotionally. A task that robots can never accomplish.

So, if you are terrible at Customer Service, then yes, you could be replaced by a robot. But if you, as an employee or business, make an effort to provide exceptional customer service, you are irreplaceable.

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