10 Best Theme Parks in India

It goes without saying that all kids, and even adults, love visiting theme parks.

Nothing beats the thrill you get when riding a roller coaster, or that awesome moment when you reach the peak of a Ferris wheel! The adventure activities at popular theme parks are sure to bring on a continuous rush of adrenaline.

Theme parks have a huge appeal across the world. Let’s not forget the boundless joy, myriad smiles and infinite excitement to all as well! Naturally, the appeal that theme parks have is strong in India too — it tirelessly fascinates and intrigues both locals and visitors.

So here it comes — a roller coaster ride through the top 10 theme parks in India. Just buckle up, sit back, relax, and above all else, enjoy the ride!

1. Essel World, Mumbai

Image by Dipankar Das via Flickr

Definitely one of the best amusement parks in the country, a visit to Mumbai cannot be complete without a visit to the Essel World which is sure to amaze you with its many rides. The Fuji Aqua Dive, Monster, Crazy Cups, Road Train, etc. will definitely fulfill your adventure quotient!

Thunder, Rainbow, Zyclone, etc. are some of the adult specific rides, and obviously the scarier ones. Junior Go Carting, Big Apple, Nataraj Caterpillar are kid-friendly and for the faint hearted.

Thrilling and beyond compare, escape the scorching heat of the summer in this theme park, and visit the many eateries for a scrumptious meal. Take back memories that last a lifetime!

2. Wonderla, Bangalore

Image by Prathyush Thomas via Wikimedia

Bored with the hustle and bustle of the city of Bangalore? Why not head to Wonderla and have some fun? Located in Bidadi, 28 kms from the city, the park has become a prominent game changer in the amusement park scene with state of the art amenities and wonderful rides.

The high thrill rides like Wonderla Babma, Drop Zone, Mixer, Maverick, Y-Scream, Hurricane and Insanity take you on a whirl wind of excitement, along with the dance floor with electronically controlled rain showers. Children do have a variety of gentler rides to pick from.

Wonderla has 5 restaurants, a conference facility, locker rooms, restrooms and showers. The park has its own holiday resort with business facilities, conference halls, etc. Check in to Wonderla and bring out the child in you.

3. Adlabs Imagica

Image by Aaditya Bardhan via Flickr

Travelling to Mumbai from Pune? Make a quick stop at Adlabs Imagica and enjoy to the fullest! The theme park is situated near Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Spread over 300 acres, the park is a recent entry to the entertainment scene and offers a Snow Park, Water Park, and a premium hotel. It boasts of some of the largest roller coasters and 4D simulation rides. What more could you need? Pack your bags for your weekend getaway!

4. Aquatica, Kolkata

Image by Ricky Brigante via Flickr

This water theme park has now become the new rage of Kolkata. Dance, splash, enjoy thrilling rides and all the fun — that’s the best way to describe this hangout spread over an area of 8 acres.

To beat the summer heat, people find something for every mood. The Aqua Wave Pool, Tornado, Aqua Dance are just some of the many attractions to hop into.

The Courtrallam Falls is the most amazing feature of the whole park where water falls from a height of 35 feet from an artificial mountain. One can feel the refreshing coolness of the water as it falls down on you.

5. Wonderla, Kochi

Image by RanjithSiji via Wikimedia

Is the hot weather of Kerala bothering you? Head to Kochi and have a fun-filled day of adventure at Wonderla. With fun rides and water parks, Wonderla is a popular vacation destination and certainly the most well maintained!

Set on the side of the hill in Pallikara, the park is truly an entrainment package for a weekend trip. The Mystery Cave, Water Rides and 3D Theatre will be a treat to you and your family.

The Wave pool, Splash, Aqua Ride, Tornado, etc. are popular among adults, and kids can have fun on the Monkey Ride, Peacock Train and Toddler’s Pool.

6. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Image by Shillika via Wikimedia

Plan an escape to Ramoji Film City, Secunderabad — a magical realm filled with excitement and wonderful surprises at every turn. This multifaceted film city sprawled over an area of 1666 acres has many film sets and fountains.

It also houses many fun play areas like the Fundustan, Wonderville, Timberland and Thrillville. As expected, all age groups will find something interesting here. There are many themed restaurants to create a big stir on your vacation.

7. Baywatch, Kanyakumari

Image by Infocaster via Wikimedia

The water theme park at Kanyakumari is a fun place to be in on a hot summer day! Housing a number of thrilling water rides, the park has been filled with tourists from all over India. Sunbathe, play in the water and relax on your holiday.

Giant wheels, hot tea cups, bumping cars, wave pools — it has some of the best entertainments on offer. The park is open throughout the year and you might even get special discounts if you are lucky!

8. World of Wonders, Noida

Image by Saad Akhtar via Flickr

This is a favourite escape for Delhiwalas from the busyness of city life! Perfect for a charming holiday with friends or family, the park is filled with amazing rides and fabulous food.

With entertaining music throughout the park and a dance floor now erected for the same, don’t wonder if you find yourself dancing to those tunes. Special areas are allotted for hosting parties, seminars and other corporate events.

9. Queens Land, Chennai

Image by Vijay5050 via Wikimedia

A really awesome theme park for a complete day hangout with family and friends! It’s the time to chase fun at Queens Land Park which includes an amusement park, theme park, joy rides, thrilling and adventure rides like Free Fall Tower, Roller Coaster and Queens Land Fairy Train.

10. Maniar Wonderland, Ahmedabad

A fantasy land where fun begins, Wonderland is an amusement park in Sarkhej. The snow park is truly one of its kind in Gujarat. Beat the heat with snow, splash water in the pool, get on those funky rides and be prepared to be amazed.

Now that you have read about some of the best theme parks in India it’s time to pack your bags and head to these parks for some thrill and fun!

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