Appearances Do Matter in the Hotel Industry

While we may all know not to judge a book by its cover, there are a few instances where presentation really does matter. In the hotel industry, polished presentation is vital to success. Everything about your property will be evaluated through photographs and reviews before a guest even decides to purchase a room. If your rooms look out of date, your lobby is dirty or your restaurant looks cramped, guests will make an initial judgment about your property that will not be in your favor. The same applies to the hotel staff too. They must look professional and presentable because they are an integral part of the property.
Though some hotels might be too busy managing their property with no time left for training and grooming of their staff, you should know that the appearance of your staff is just as important as choosing the right property management software or creating a revenue plan. When it comes to your staff’s demeanor, uniform and personal grooming habits, employees should follow a strict dress code so they can be the face of the hotel. It can make or break the impression of your hotel.
While grooming requirements will vary between men and women, it is important that both look clean and presentable while they are on the clock. Make sure all your employees know the dress code, and provide them with a clear outline of what is expected. Give guidelines for both men and women that dictate appropriate hairstyles, accessories and shoes. You may even get as detailed as outlining nail polish colors, the appropriate amount of make-up for women or asking employees to wear deodorant.
The physical appearance of your hotel staff helps to maintain your overall appearance, but the way they act also contributes to the hotel’s reputation. Employees should be encouraged to report for duty five to 10 minutes before their shift starts and to always treat guests with respect. Outline a code of conduct that employees must follow. As a hotelier, you should be constantly incentivizing your employees to perform better. Those who receive high praise from guests or continually meet or exceed expectations should be rewarded for their efforts.
Make sure your property puts its best foot forward for guests, from the physical property down to the employees working in it.