Tips for taking your dog to the beach

Beach excursions are fun, especially if you have a furry friend for company. However, taking your pup out to the beach requires a bit of preparation. From sharp shells to splashing tides, there’s so much that can thwart your canine companion from having the time of his life at the beach. So if hitting the sand and the surf with your pooch is you love to do, these tips are for you!

  • Pick a pet-friendly beach: Do some research and make sure you head out to a beach that welcomes dogs and other pets. Read the local rules posted at public notices. You sure wouldn’t want to flout the rules and pay heavy fines. It is always advisable that you find dog-friendly beaches and swimming spots and follow the instructions to have a great day out with your buddy.
  • Don’t compromise with your dog’s health: Taking your dog out on a scorching summer day can be a threat to his health. Too much exposure to the sun can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rapid drooling or panting for your pet. Also, romping around on hot sand can hurt his sensitive paws. Make sure you take plenty of cool refills for him, along with towels, beach umbrellas and dog-friendly sunscreens to keep him protected from heat strokes and sunburns.
  • Leashes and ID tags: Keep your pet on a leash as you do not want to disrupt the fun of other beach goers. You could also allow him to have off-leash fun at the beach for some time. But always leave the collar on with some ID tags on it. The tags must contain your pet’s name and your contact details. This will help in quick identification of your pet, in case he goes missing at the beach.
  • Keep an eye on him: The habit of digging can be dangerous for your pet at the beach. Do not leave him unattended as he might hurt himself with sharp pieces of broken glass or old fishing gear. Also, he might fall prey to the attacks of marine animals moving around in the beach, such as stingrays or jellyfish, or get attacked by other aggressive dogs and small children. Therefore, always keep a first-aid kit handy.

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