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4 Lessons I Learned to Repurpose a Total Meltdown

Recently I needed to run away from reality… from life. I needed to sort a bunch of stuff out in my head before it totally and absolutely bogged down my brain.

I had a huge project lined up and I knew I could do it, but… I knew I could handle it, but… I couldn’t get to where I needed to be in my project. My list of ‘things-to-do’ was expanding and I realized that I was totally and absolutely overwhelmed and, well, you know… total meltdown. I needed to reboot, heck, I needed a total make-over.


I walked away. I went on a 3-day weekend drive with my mother. I went with no laptop, no tablet, well, I did have my smartphone. But for the most part, I unplugged.

I spent the weekend admiring the autumn colors, visiting with some family, enjoying some awesome food, and of course, did some shopping. Apparently I really needed this.

Except for talking to my hubby a few times I tried to stay away from any electronics. Well, okay, I did check Facebook and Twitter while I was away. Just a few times though. But I really tried!


As I visited with my mother, brother, and sister-in-law I started to explain what I was trying to get through. Actually, I was talking out loud and they heard me mumbling to myself.

Speaking openly was helping but where is a whiteboard when you need one? I left my electronic tools at home so I had to resort to old school — pencil and paper. Yes, I had to buy a notebook but I did find a pencil in my purse.

Wait — I really need to let go a bit longer. So we did more eating and shopping. Not necessarily in that order but that is what we did. And we took another sight-seeing trip. Actually, I sat in the backseat going over notes in my head. But I was paying attention to the beautiful scenery.

By now it is starting to make a little more sense but I still had to let it go for just a little while longer.


On the ride home I had my mom taking notes as I drove. I had forgotten how much talking something out works for me. I started at the beginning and went over the big picture first. Then I had her make bullet points of what I thought I needed to do.

As she inquired as to what each meant, I explained it out loud and again, the fog lifted more and I was seeing it much more clearly.

To get from ‘A’ to ‘D’ I had to do step #3, then #4, then #1, and then #2. I had my priorities in the wrong order. That’s why it wouldn’t come together before. Whoa, now I’m stoked.

I got home, petted the cat and kissed the hubby. I felt great! But I needed that one more night off so we snuggled on the couch while my brain was working overtime.


The next morning I got up, poured myself a cup of coffee and got to work. I went through all the notes that I already had and all the new ones I took over the long weekend. (Did you know that by writing your thoughts on post-its you can easily arrange them without crossing out a lot of words or paragraphs?) Finally I was able to put my thoughts in a cohesive order. The list was complete. Now I can get the project up and running AND I got an awesome story out of the ordeal. Win/win.

Summing it up

Don’t allow a hiccup to zap the life out of you. Walk away from it. That doesn’t mean to put it on a shelf and never look at it again, just breathe.

Don’t dwell on it. You need nutrition, you need people, you need proper perspective.

Go over notes, go through everything. Talk it out, even if it has to be with yourself. Talking aloud may not work for you but it certainly does wonders for me.

Write it down, draw pictures, make arrows, draw graphs (don’t forget the post-its!)… whatever it takes to get you from point A to point B successfully.

Now, go forward and get the job done.