El Token PDT revolucionará internacionalmente el turismo vía blockchain

El turismo, un mercado inmenso en el que millones de personas gestionan o disfrutan a diario de miles de vuelos internacionales. A los vuelos, podemos sumar servicios adyacentes y múltiples disciplinas locales asociadas al comercio que provoca la afluencia de turistas. Es el escenario en el que se involucra el lanzamiento de Paradise Token, y su token PDT. Esto pondrá difíciles las cosas a la competencia en adelante.

El sector del turismo es un sector ultracompetitivo, por lo que un movimiento innovador exitoso puede provocar la adopción por parte de todos…

🚀Paradise Token: Direct Global Hotel Booking Powered by Dapps. No Middlemen. 0% Commission. No centralized reservation platform.
The more PDT you have, the longer your holidays will be .

🔥 Starts in January!
Official site: https://www.paradisetoken.co.uk

🌟Paradise Token is PDT Protocols provide developers the foundation to build decentralized applications (Dapps). Our Protocols are open source solutions for managing secure Booking/Payments.

📣 From January 2019 to March 2019 💼Our Partners: - Wyndham Worldwide - Choice Hotels - Marriott International - InterContinental Hotels Group - Hilton Worldwide - AccorHotels - Best Western Hotels - Hyatt Hotels Corporation - Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group…

Paradise Token: Tourism Adoption with the PDT token

The Token PDT will revolutionize tourism internationally blockchain.

Tourism, an immense market in which millions of people manage or enjoy daily thousands of international flights. To the flights, we can add adjacent services and multiple local disciplines associated to the commerce that causes the affluence of tourists. It is the scenario in which the launch of Paradise Token, and its PDT token, is involved. This will make things difficult for the competition going forward.

The tourism sector is an ultracompetitive sector, so a successful innovative movement can lead to adoption by all…


The short description about the algorithm can be said in this way.

The guest reserves a hotel in real time with a 20% discount. This is the real price. We skip online travel agencies. We do not pay commissions.

OTAs usually collect between 50 and 150 Euros as commission from a single reservation.

The host agrees to 20% discount. The additional benefit is no advertising fees. No 2.5–3% credit card transaction fees. The guest pays for booking only in cryptocurrencies immediately in real time.

The host payout will be in fiat and cryptocurrencies immediately in real time using a decentralized…

Direct Global Hotel Booking Powered by Dapps. No Middlemen.
0% Commission. No centralized reservation platform.
The more PDT you have, the longer your holidays will be .


I’m Robert CEO of Paradise Token.
I would like to say who we are and what we do.

I have over 12 years of experience in the tourism industry.
A Strong Believer in the Crypto-Community and the Blockchain Technology.
The Director of Intercontex Media Publishers International, a global digital advertising company.

The idea of creating a decentralizes hotels reservation platform and not only that is very good and should be done a…

How to market to Bitcoin/Altcoins owners without Crypto volatility.

There’s currently around billions of bitcoin floating around in people’s digital wallets. For many of their owners, those bitcoins have proved to be a valuable asset. They’re happy to leave them to rise in value and build up their wealth. For others though, those giant piles of coins are exactly what they’re supposed to be: a currency that they want to exchange for goods and services.

But businesses are reluctant to accept them. In July last year, Bloomberg reported that just three of the Internet’s top 500 retailers were willing to…

How to get Whitelisted?

All you need to do is go to the PDT ICO whitelist page, fill in the form with the proper details, double-check your answers, and then submit them.

Important Details

  • The whitelist will be open until the end of the ICO.
  • Please make sure to double-check the details your provide, especially your ERC-20 wallet address. That address is the only one you will be able to use in order to buy Paradise Tokens during the ICO and it will also be the only address where you will receive the PDT you purchased.
  • Do not provide an exchange address as your ERC-20 wallet…

Applicants who wish to participate in Paradise Token Airdrop fill in the following information and apply for the project.
Airdrop will end at the time of application of 5.000 people on Telegram.
At this Airdrop, 2000 PDT will be distributed per person.

Rules Members must be active and supportive in the telegram until end of ICO. • Please don’t spam. Start discussion only about PDT Project and our ICO. • Fake, dead, inactive, bot and multiple accounts will not be accepted. • Duration: To the end of ICO or until limit is reached. • Token distribution will commence 2–4 weeks…

2. ICO Help.

Growing number of people recognize that one of the best ways to invest in cryptocurrency is by participating in Initial Coin Offerings, a.k.a. ICOs.

The first step is setting up Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet.

Why do you need an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet?

Most ICO tokens are issued on Ethereum blockchain. It means that people who want to participate in ICO need to have Ethereum and its wallet. However, not all digital wallets support Ethereum powered ICO tokens. For example, to participate in Fast Invest ICO, you need to set up an Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet where you and only you hold its private keys. You probably know that…

We wanted to take the time to explain the numbers around our Token Distribution. We hope that this will clear up any confusion surrounding our upcoming main public sale of Paradise Token “PDT”.

Token Supply and Sale:

  • The overall number of PDT tokens will be 300 million.
  • The hardcap of our total token distribution is 17000 ETH. The number of tokens we are offering to the public is 210million, which amounts to 70% of the total amount of PDT Tokens.

Team & Advisors

  • 15% of the tokens will be locked up for our Advisers ,Team, and Community- they are to…

Paradise Token

Direct Global Hotel Booking Powered by Dapps. No Middlemen. paradisetoken.co.uk https://t.me/paradisetoken

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