Oh oh! Blame Games

We all love blame games, don’t we? I mean it’s a nice way of letting ourselves believe, it wasn’t our fault. The blame game calms down the frayed conscience that we all learnt of in the moral class at school.

Blame Game

At this precise moment, I am wondering whom to place the blame on? Yes, I have been a little lazy and have conveniently piled on a few kilos. Those disapproving looks that men and women give me alike, are a proof that I no longer fall in the ‘You are pretty’ zone. The more diplomatic people would say ‘ You are cute’, even though the thought bubble in their head would read “I am sure you have put on enough weight for the weighing scale to crash out”.

So whom do I blame? The calories, the fat, the wine, the cheese, the chocolate or my injury? Well the injury would be an excuse, wouldn’t it? After all the ranting, I decide it’s time I took the blame. Muttering small little curses, I decide to tackle this problem.

My thoughts are crawling at a pace slower than the tortoise who won the race against the rabbit. Sometimes figuring out things can be the toughest challenge. As my thoughts float, I sneak a few glances at myself at the mirror. The thought bubble says ‘shut all those body shaming thoughts’.

I sneak another glance and this time my thought bubble reads ‘ find someone to blame, gal’.