Observing the World From a POV

Recently I had a revelation.While I’ve always been able to follow logic to it’s required conclusion based off of the relevant facts, I’ve not always actually observed the world.

By this, I don’t mean that I haven’t seen what’s going on, but rather that I haven’t looked at the world from my own viewpoint. I’ve been almost completely unaware of my own existence as a person with agency in this world.

As a result, I’ve assumed a 3rd person perspective, almost like a limited god, on everything; even things in my own life.

Assuming my own POV, I assume, will be a good thing. As Czeslaw Milosz alludes to in the preface to The Captive Mind, a writer’s duty is to tell the truth as he sees it.

Up until now, I, as I suspect many people also, have been subconsciously ignoring the “as he sees it” part. Many people tell untruth; and perhaps fewer people are like myself, in the fact that they tell the truth, but leave out the realization that it’s from a perspective.

This has merely been a stream of consciousness rant typed out on my iPhone. If you agree, ❤️, 👍, or 👏, or whatever the like option on medium is. If you disagree, let me know why.

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