Depression in women during periods

Depression in women during periods

Pre menstrual syndrome is a very common condition. Its affect more than 90% of Menstruating women. It’s start five to eleven days before your periods and typically go away once periods begins

It’s normal to feel sick before and during a period. As hormone level rise and fall during a girls menstrual cycle, it can affect the day she feels, both physically and emotionally. This is known as per menstrual syndrome and it can make a girl feel like hiding in bed with the covers over the head

Pre menstrual syndrome have so many variety of signs and symptoms like: food cravings, irritability, anger, sore breast, depression, crying spell, tension, anxiety, social withdrawal, poor concentration, joint pain , headache, fatigue, Acne, Diarrhoea, changes in sleep patterns, abdominal bloating,abdominal pain, constipation..

Occasionally, Pre Menstrual Syndrome might include feeling of extreme depression and hopeless. Estrogen and progesterone level increase during certain times of the month and this cause depression anxiety, tension, anger, irritability.

Serotonin level affect mood, emotion and thought.

A little bit of depression in the week or two days before your menstruation is quite normal. But if your symptoms are having a negative impact on your life,there are things you can try for relief.

Treatment and lifestyle adjustment can help you to manage pre menstrual syndrome.

If your symptoms don’t improve after lifestyle changes, it’s worth following up with your doctor.