Medical Image Classification using Azure Functions and Cognitive Services

Parag Ghorpade
Sep 4 · 10 min read
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Section I: Training the model


Microsoft Custom Vision

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Successfully deployed custom vision service
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Section II: Azure Functions model serving

git clone
git clone
BASH:-cd startpython -m venv .venvsource .venv/bin/activateIf Python didn’t install the venv package on your Linux distribution, run the following command:sudo apt-get install python3-venvCMD:- cd startpy -3.6 -m venv .venv.venv\scripts\activate
func init — worker-runtime python
func new --name classify --template “HTTP trigger”

Testing App Locally

func start

Import and serve the Tensorflow Model

BASH:-cp ../resources/ classify
copy ..\resources\ classify
pip install --no-cache-dir -r requirements.txt

Configure Function to run predictions

import logging
import azure.functions as func
import json
# Import helper script
from .predict import predict_image_from_url
def main(req: func.HttpRequest) -> func.HttpResponse:
image_url = req.params.get('img')'Image URL received: ' + image_url)
results = predict_image_from_url(image_url) headers = {
"Content-type": "application/json",
"Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*"
return func.HttpResponse(json.dumps(results), headers = headers)
func start
Sample Images:
RESULT (you should be able to see similar response in the browser):-
{"created": "2020-09-03T16:16:01.225972", "predictedTagName": "Pneumonia", "prediction": [{"tagName": "Pneumonia", "probability": 1.0}]}

Run basic front end locally
BASH:- python -m http.serverCMD:- py -m http.server
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Hosting the function app

az login
az group create --name classify-image --location eastus
az storage account create --name <STORAGE_NAME> --location eastus --resource-group classify-image --sku Standard_LRS
az functionapp create --resource-group classify-image --os-type Linux --consumption-plan-location eastus --runtime python --runtime-version 3.6 --functions-version 2 --name <APP_NAME> --storage-account <STORAGE_NAME>
func azure functionapp publish <APP_NAME>
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