Announcing IFTTT Support!
Edyn Smart Garden

Thanks for your response,

Unfortunately, minimum averaging window available is 8 hours when I create customized new applet using available option in free version. (This is even contradicting with information mentioned in this blog that user can select 1 hour averaging window as an example when this option is not available at all)

I can only create highly customized applet when I pay $99 a month and become partner.

If you see example I mentioned in my original post when temp is 30 Celsius and I need to take immediate action to put plant in shade. How come 8 hour average window would be helpful. plant would have suffered in heat for 8 hours before I can react. so this is not at all “Optimal User Experience”

It will be great if you can modify the averaging window available in existing applet to be able to select 1 hour window. otherwise spending $99 for this option does not seem worth.

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