Life is a paradox in its nature. But you are so much addicted to logic that whenever life reveals itself to you, it looks strange. Logic has been continuously taught to you — that contradictory things cannot exist together. Logic has been teaching you that either it is day or it is night; either it is life or it is death, either it is happiness or it is unhappiness. The whole mechanism of logic is of ‘either-or’.

And life is all together. Whenever you reach to the deepest sadness, suddenly you will see it is turning into happiness. Or, you reach to the deepest happiness and you will see that it is turning into sadness. At the center they meet; only on the periphery are they separate.

The first paradox that you will come across on the path is: the mind cannot ask a right question. It is not within its powers to ask the right question, because to ask the right question is to find the answer immediately.

In fact, the right question is the answer. In the world of the mind there is a duality: the question and the answer; they are separate. In the world of reality, the right question is the answer.

If you can ask the right question, there is no need even to ask; the very understanding of the right question is enough to understand the answer. But the right question cannot be asked by the mind; it can be asked only by the no-mind. But the no-mind never asks anything.

This is the first paradox one comes across: the mind asks questions, but all questions raised by the mind are bound to be wrong, because mind itself is wrong.

Anything that arises out of that state is going to be wrong, and a wrong question cannot lead you to the right answer.

The mind can ask millions of questions, but there is no answer anywhere for those questions. The no-mind knows the answer, but the no-mind never asks the question. It is so at ease, so at home with reality, that the question does not arise. The nonarising of the question is the answer.

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