Now anyone can create proposals coinvoting backed by ERC20 tokens or ethereum

Parag Arora
Aug 20, 2017 · 1 min read

I have been token holder of some organisations and surprised to see that some decisions which impact token holders a lot are being made in much centralised ways. Being owner of tokens and not able to participate in important decisions is frustrating. Token holders should be part of decision making and that is the right, token holders should demand.

I understand that owners of foundations, especially developers are very busy delivering the roadmap and is not worth their time to keep building voting contract dapp. But as contributors and adopters of the community, we should be provided with enough tools to shout our voice and validate the support. To solve this problem, I have created . Special thanks to Matus, Joe, Alexander and everyone from district0x to help build this solution.

Using CoinVoting, you can enter the token contract address, ERC20 token symbol or ETH, enter information about proposal like title, description, options (BONUS: HTML supported)and get the coinvoting dapp url. Meta information is stored in IPFS and voting done over ethereum blockchain. Best part is anyone from community can create the proposal as long as you know the contract address of token which is public.

Some sample CoinVoting dapps and .
Visit to create your first proposal for any organisation.

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