After a Point its all about “HER” …

Best way to keep your better half happy and excited on Valentines’ day is to title your article on “HER”. She may be too busy to read whats written further…

My definition of HER is a little different. For me HER stands for Health, Enterprise and Relationship.

Two Indian personalities who I am hearing most about these days are Narendra Modi and Virat Kohli. There are surprising. similarities between the two. Modi practices Yoga daily without fail while Virat is a fitness freak. Health is primary for them.

Talking about Enterprise, Modi is championing “Made in India” and Virat is aggressively enterprising while hitting double centuries as well as crafting series wins. Being enterprising is their way to succeed and sustain.

As far as relationships are concerned, Modi has been able build great partnerships with almost all developed economy nations. On the other hand, Virat inspite of being aggressive, has been able take the team together while giving due respect to Dhoni. Relationship has been the binding glue and accentuates their leadership posture.

In the current VUCA reality, being healthy and enterprising makes you nimble which is great state to be in because you never know when the pink currency ceases to be legal tender.

Strong relationships enable you to be resourceful and grounded. As per Mr. Narayan Murthy, immediate family is a great cushion to fall back on. A handful of friends who speak their mind and don’t get impressed by your fancy title are a great asset.

HER without health is ER..R. Consequences can be as drastic as becoming “Late” at 40 inspite of. being the CEO of fairly successful enterprise and great network(more than 1500 linkedin Contacts and followers).

HER without enterprise is HR.. all gyaan and no innovation. Unfortunately the only name coming to me who currently personifies this state is Rahul G. Good health and great relationships when invested in maintaining the status quo or live in comfort zone do not result in any breakthroughs.

Finally HER without relationship is HE..Maybe being like a macho entrepreneur having “I don’t give a damn” attitude towards people around him. There is only so much you can do on your own..

Like the five elements in nature the three aspects of H-E-R can help you create a plethora of options at any point of time. It’s just like the balance of yin and yang that can make your life rosy and complete.

So guys what are you waiting for, Go for HER and enjoy your Valentines’ day…