Why you should bike to work.

How it got started
It seems like it was not too long ago when I made a commitment to myself to bike to work. But I feel contented to share that I still stand committed to my resolution and can proudly celebrate the first year anniversary of my small attempt to save this planet. I have always loved and prayed for rain, trees and good health. Rains is one thing which I miss absurdly the most in bay area. And I knew I was not doing enough neither for the nature nor for myself to stay healthy. I have always firmly believed in the law of Karma: You get what you give to others. So I decided to bike to work with a sincere and simple intention to keep the earth and myself healthy. And if this article is able to give birth to at least one biker then I think I have succeeded both as a biker and a blogger.

Why does it matter
Be it my home county or be it my home country, nothing makes me more sad than droughts and declining rainfall. As it is said that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. And one of the very few things I fear most is this beautiful earth running out of its most precious gift — Water. We have been very good in blaming and waiting for others. And we can continue to spend our entire life blaming others for this cold blooded massacre of environment or waiting for someone else to take the initiative. But remember just like water, we are also running out of time and we need to act fast to preserve and hand over this earth to our children in more cleaner and greener state than we got it from our forefathers. And this reminds me of one of the most bitter yet beautiful quote by Moss Cass:

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

What I learned from it
Biking to work is not as difficult as it sounds. And all you need to do is to just get started and finding a safer and suitable bike route. Once you get used to it, it becomes your addiction. Also it is a great way to do the workout too. Just to share some results, it has actually helped me to shed close to 6–8 pounds. And not only it saves your time you spend in gym but it also saves you a lot of money by reducing your dependency on hydrocarbons. I actually recovered the price of the bike just by commuting on it for a year. One of the single most important lesson I have learned is to pay more and more respect to pedestrians and bicyclists whenever I use a car. It is only when you walk in their shoes or bike on their wheels, you realize how unsafe it is to be on road. Also it is very important for employers to foster the spirit of employees to adopt cleaner ways to commute by providing better incentives and facilities to make commute on bike look more lucrative.

So whats next after this
It is becoming more exciting and satisfying for me with each passing day. I just started to work at a place which is striving hard to make sure that every running car on road is electric. And despite of being a cool car company, it provides one of the most conductive environment for bikers. Just to name few perks: daily allowance for biking to work, annual allowance for bike purchase, repair and maintenance, free shuttles (having bike racks) from Caltrain and VTA stations, dedicated bike parking, shower rooms etc. So where I used to bike 7 miles a day, now I bike almost double. Blissful serenity indeed. Commuting via bike has been one of the best investments I have made till date and I wish I had started it earlier. But the good news is I still commute by bike and undaunted to continue it strong and hard. Miles to go before I sleep.

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