Top 3 paragliding destinations in India

Paragliding is an adventure sport you might not relate with India, and it’s normal for many to raise a skeptical voice while talking about Paragliding option in India. However, this enthralling activity has been a part of tourism scene for quite some time, which has given rise to some of the tremendous paragliding locations. You can easily include them in your holidays to India, and give an adrenaline burst to your trip plans.

We have compiled a list of few wonderful destinations in India that give you a chance to indulge in this exciting activity. These are five paragliding destinations in India to conquer the sky:

Billing: Situated in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Billing is the best destination for paragliding in himachal. While Billing serves as the landing field, the Bir, set at an elevation of 2600m, is from where you fly off. Moreover, Bir is known for its regular thermal and ridge lifts techniques. Situated 70 kms from the well-connected Mandi, this paragliding site is perfect for a visit during march till early June as the cool winds wait to take you high in sky. For bir billing paragliding cost click here.

Manali: Manali has always been a Paragliders’ paradise. The thrilling experience of paragliding is enhanced by the view of the Himalayan ranges at Manali, and the slopes of Solang valley are perfect for this adventure sport. Flying high in the Kullu valley will give you an exalting view of Manali, and this grand sight is one of the main reasons why paragliders from around the world visit Manali for paragliding.

Pawana: Situated near the Pawana Dam, it is one of the best sites to take off from. Your take off site overlooks the river Indrayani and the town of Kamshet. With massive Pavana lake in front of you, it also becomes one of the exalting experience while gliding over the pristine lake. Moreover, you can also learn the advance gliding skills since many of the experienced paragliders frequent this location.

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