Shock and Vibration Testing

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vibration testing

Shock and vibration testing is a division of product as well as component testing. This test has a wider and larger category that involves life, exposure, electrical, ergonomic, dynamic, and other specialized and significant tests.

Whenever you need it, there are many of shock and vibration testing services for you. Companies typically test and screen finished components or products by means of shock and sine as well as random vibration and other vibrant test conditions. These shock and vibration testing services conduct a series of tests in conformity with the published standards from various organizations.

Shock and vibration testing is capable of simulation and testing, comparison of the device and the product, confirmation and qualification, acquisition of data and interpretation, DVT or design verification testing, FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis), and preparation of sample as well as research and development.

The series of tests that are carried out during shock and vibration testing can also help in verifying the effects and results of bounce, stress, ultraviolet light, aging, decompression, pyrotechnic shock, sterilization, fatigue, thermal cycling, radiation, humidity, and weathering.

If you’re planning to come up with a design for shock and vibration testing, it is advisable to have first a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the environment in which the test item will have to survive. Vibration can either be sinusoidal or random. Sinusoidal vibration is a constant or continuous vibration, while random vibration is the one that varies periodically. A good example of random vibration is the vibration that components in vehicles undergo when passing or rolling across rough roads.

The primary objective in conducting a shock and vibration test is to isolate the device from exhilaration at the component’s natural frequency. This works as quality control so that one can really know if that product can withstand a barrage of force and stress.

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