ParagonCoin Crowdsale Begins at 11am PT September 15.

Everything on the blockchain is verifiable and so is this: ParagonCoin public crowdsale begins at today!

At 7:31 Pacific Time on Sept 11, Paragon co-founder Egor Lavrov received these messages by Telegram:

This is a clear, unambiguous attempt to blackmail Paragon. The blackmailer says he will attack Paragon’s reputation online if he is not paid 113 bitcoin (approximately $500,000).

Paragon has nothing to hide. Namecalling can be annoying, but the blackmailer has nothing of substance on us. We actually think the rap video he “threatened” to post is kinda cool. Enjoy it:

Jessica VerSteeg sets her sights on a solution to unify the emerging legal cannabis industry.

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Jessica VerSteeg has enjoyed quite a bit of success in the public eye. She is a former Miss Iowa and was also a contestant on CBS’ “Amazing Race.” But Versteeg has set out to find success in a whole industry.

She made the transition into the cannabis industry with AU Box, a delivery service that dropped off cannabis products to her client’s doorstep. This is where she noticed some of the issues hampering the cannabis industry.

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We’ve got ‘em

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Blockchain technology is finding its way into more applications than just cryptocurrency. Blockchains are being used for identity verification, medical record storage as well as a number of applications geared toward specific industries. The cannabis industry is growing at an exponential rate, similar to the rate of adoption of cryptocurrencies. Well, a new player in the blockchain cannabis space is looking to bring legitimacy and transparency to an industry once tied down by the stigmas of yesterday.

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Ignore the hype & get your questions answered in this live Reddit AMA with three top Paragon execs on 8/27

See how easy it is? All you have to do is ask.

Paragon “definitely seems to have the business and the model in place.”

Yep. More discussion on this forthcoming.

Now explained in animated form.

Paragon Coin

Not just another cryptocurrency. This is legal revolution.

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