LinkedIn marketing has grown multiple folds in the last few years. Many students, teachers, business professionals, etc have recently started using the platform recently.

Either hiring professional candidates or getting leads, everything is possible through LinkedIn marketing. The following graph shows the number of visitors in the last six months:

Dwell time will now be considered when content is ranked in the LinkedIn feed. How will your LinkedIn posts be affected? Let’s know more about it.

LinkedIn now consider Dwell Time into its algorithm.
Latest Update in LinkedIn Algorithm

What is the working of LinkedIn feed Ranking?

A LinkedIn feed is a place where the users post ideas, posts, news, etc in the form of short-text, article, photo, or video.


Check your Social Media accounts and notice:

Do you have any fake followers?
Do you see some unusual comments on your posts?
Do you have unnecessary dm in your inbox?
Is somebody is being impersonated in your knowledge?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are free. But what about their user security? what about their variation in user policies?
Beware! They are having their own problems. 😨

If you find any of the questions relevant to your social media…

What is your choice? Followers or engagement?
Everything is fair in Social Media and Marketing

Likes, Comments, Shares, Conversion, Retweets and the list goes on. Everyone is following the race of getting more and more followers to get the number bars high.

But the big question is that What is more important?
The Number of Followers?
The quality engagement of the existing ones?


Today, I am gonna start with my experience of Instagram on Instagram. You must be thinking, why I chose that? It’s just because I think that it is not only a place to post a photo and get likes or comments from your friends. People are now using it as…

Parag Pallav Singh

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