Why I want you to wear a helmet

It all started when a cousin of mine and I had planned for going to his hometown on my bike. It was a 150 kms ride. We wanted it to be a morning ride with 1 stop in between and reach the destination in around 4 hours. Weather was clear, sun was shining bright and we had our bull, my bike ready to roll for the ride.

Next morning, we started moving towards Satara on Pune-Bangalore National Highway (NH-4) at around 7.30 in the morning. As soon as we passed bypass highway, I realized that my bike was unable to achieve speed above 50 due to lack of air pressure in rear tire. At one of the nearest tire works, we solved the issue. As it was an early morning ride, we had an empty highway with clean roads, so I decided to test speed first and then come back to normal speed for the remaining journey. That, was one of the biggest mistake of my life.

We started gaining speed in no time. At the end of the first tunnel, we were at a constant speed of 80kmph in the first lane. As always, I was very concerned about traffic condition and road condition. Everything was perfect so I did not reduce my speed. Unfortunately, there was a village at around 1 km from the tunnel exit which I should have been aware of.

I was about to enter the village after a nice curve on the road. I was looking far away to plan how I was going to control my bike, but thought of reducing my speed did not touch my mind. I suddenly saw a young man with an old motorcycle at the left hand side of the road. He was standing still to pass the highway. I was aware of my speed, so I flagged him with my headlamp flashes and horn. At the same time, a truck was passing my bike from left hand side, so I couldn’t see the motorcyclist for two to three seconds and truck reduced its speed a bit and I saw the motorcycle passing the lanes of highway right in front of me.

I panicked. I had around 56–60 feet to brake my bike. He stopped his bike right in front of me in the first lane of NH-4 which was totally unpredictable for me. At that instance, I couldn’t brake, I couldn’t turn as the truck was running adjacent to me. That was the moment. A straight impact at 80kmph speed. I saw his bike smashed towards the divider and we fell in the middle of the highway.

The only thing I saw in the second was the road peeling off the upper layer of my helmet’s visor. The surface of road literally tore the fiber apart from my helmet. Impact was so strong that it got several major scratches on the visor which covers the face. The helmet, for sure, did its job. My cousin got hurt as he wasn’t wearing any helmet. He had minor head injuries and scratches on hands and legs.

We survived. I don’t know whether it was my luck or coincidence, but the helmet, for sure, was a savior. I have kissed it several times after that day, just to thank. Yes, it was a bad memory of that day. But, I don’t want to forget it. I learnt how much a small mistake could have cost to me. I want to remember this day to avoid making such blunders ahead in life.

Your life is the most important thing in this world.