Difference in using React in Web app and mobile app development

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Starting a project in native mobile app development, you will have a lot of options of framework to choose from like react native, Nativescript, Ionic, PhoneGap, etc. If you have any experience on reactjs then React Native will seem to be a simple choice. You could very well choose Nativescript or any other framework depending on your requirement and resources available or as advised by consultant of your mobile app development company.

Transition from reactjs to react native would be easy but you will find some difference in getting your work done.

Setup and bundling

As already mentioned react native is a framework and reactjs is a JavaScript library that can be utilized for developing a website. When you start a project using reactjs, you will have to select a bundler from a variety available as reactjs will focus only on the UI components. On the other hand react native is a full package. Creating a new project in react native, will show you the difference in ease of set up. You can straight away start with your development.

DOM and Styling

React native will not use HTML tag to render but will provide you with alternative approach. In react native components will map platform (android, iOS) specific native components and that gets rendered on the app this is how ‘native’ness is achieved.

For styling your react native components creation of style sheets will be required similar to what we create for web components in reactjs. It looks very much like a CSS.

Animations and Gestures

For animations, CSS animation is used in reactjs whereas in reactnative you will have to learn animation through javascript. ‘Animated’ API is available for use that helps in creating an animated component in react native. This enables you to create all types of animation including, time and velocity based.

The behavior of the app is an event which in turn invokes response, this is done through eventhandlers. In react native, a touch goes through several phases as the app has to understand the intention of a user. There can be multiple touches at the same time, so for this we have gesture responder system.


For navigating from one page to another reactjs uses react-router and for the same purpose we have Navigation library for react native. Unlike web app a mobile app will have a definitive path that Navigation will help you achieve.

Platform Specific Codes

There are frameworks available which follow — write once, use everywhere like Nativescript — your Nativescript web development code can be used for mobile platforms also, but with react it’s — learn once, write anywhere. While writing native apps we have to write some platform specific code that calls the core utilities and uses them. There are components which are not platform specific and thus sharable.

Developer’s tool

When you get started with your native project, you will have all the reactjs tools and some additional developer’s tool at your dispose. The best part of using a react is the feature of Hot Reloading that cuts update cycle and enables you to make changes easily.

Paragyte has been in react development since the very beginning and will be very happy to lend a helping hand. With our expertise and services provided you are sure to achieve more.