Salesforce for small business

Small businesses often face a huge hurdle when it comes to adopting a CRM solution. Most out-of-the-box CRM solutions that are available in the market are targeted towards large-scale businesses. Therefore, choosing the right CRM solution and customizing it with respect to your requirements is a herculean job.

Small businesses have a different set of requirements. Their primary goal is lead generation and contact management. Although their revenue mostly depends on maintaining and servicing an acquired lead, their primary focus is, mostly, sales.

A CRM solution is a must have for any sales-oriented business. It not only helps you organize and plan your business, it also helps you gain new business by lead generation. Salesforce for small business is a customizable solution from Salesforce Ltd. that will help you match your requirements to your goals.

Why Salesforce?

Ease of use

Salesforce CRM solution has a very easy to use dashboard. This customizable dashboard helps you choose which report to view and which data is to be available up front. Although this seems like a trivial detail, this is unique to a Salesforce solution.

The navigation is simple and self-explanatory. You do not have roadblocks that keep you guessing which way to go. The tabs are clearly labeled and there is a security that you will not lose your way.

Useful features

Contact Management: This feature gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. A customer profile is created for every customer and details about them are stored and maintained. Which sales person is interacting with them? Where are they in the sales tunnel? and how the discussion is going? all these data are stored for analysis. Apart from this, the social media contacts are updated and you can view every comment and discussion about your company and respond directly from Salesforce CRM.

Opportunity Management: Salesforce lets your sales representative evaluate, manage and quote to a potential customer. They can create pertinent customer data like payments, pricing and delivery information in just a few steps. There is also a facility to mail the customer directly from Salesforce. The software also has a built-in tracking feature to track the deal’s progress.

Lead generation: The lead generation features are very useful for a small business because this CRM solution helps you make an informed decision and helps you follow up a potential, beneficial deal. It gives you a big picture of every lead by tracking them all the way to their source (social media, marketing campaigns, etc.). They also track the progress and assign it to the right sales representative if the progress is not up to the mark.

Apart from these Forecasting, Reports, Collaboration, Automated Workflow, and Mobile Access are other features that make Salesforce CRM one of the best in the market.

Salesforce Development Services

What is Salesforce customization?

Customization is the key to any out-of-the-box solutions. And this CRM solution offers easy customizations that will enable any business to seamlessly include the CRM solution into their working.

As we saw earlier, some salient features include lead generation, contact management, sales forecasting, opportunity management, automation and collaboration and mobility. It is a cloud-based solution that helps a sales representative access data from any device and from any place.

There are various Salesforce development companies that offer customization solutions to Salesforce for small businesses. You can choose an available customization model or create one that suits your needs.

How to select a Salesforce development company?

Choose a company that is experienced in the field of Salesforce development services. Look at the solutions they offer and verify whether their expertise matches your business model.

Before you decide whom to partner with, analyze the gap between your present, achieved goals and the goals you wish to achieve by implementing a CRM platform.

These steps will help you have a clear idea of how to choose your partner in Salesforce customization services.