Taming the elephant of Big Data

Big Data

What specifically does one understand after you hear the word ‘Big Data’? ‘Big Data’ stands for outsized quantity of data, be it structured or unstructured that deluges a business on everyday basis. The term ‘Big Data’ is relevantly new but the process continues to be old. It still is the act of gathering and managing historic, traditional and digital data from sources inside or outside the business for enduring finding and analysis. Its elementary characteristics are:

· Volume: the amount of generated and stored data. The volume of data plays important role in determining whether it can truly be deemed as Big Data or not.

· Variety: The type and nature of data helps in scrutinizing it effectively.

· Velocity: The speed at which data is received/generated and processed.

· Variability: incoherent data may obstruct data processing and managing as a result.

· Veracity: The quality of data aggregated can directly affect the power to accurate analysis.

Big Data’s importance is not its size but its utilization. There are a number of things you can do with such enormous amount of data like:

1. Performing RCA(Root Cause Analysis) for failures, issues and defects in near real-time

2. Calculation and recalculation of risk and threat

3. Detecting fraud.

By analyzing such data, you unleash the power of finding solutions for cost reduction, time reduction, development of new and optimized product and enhanced decision making.

Despite the fact that better analysis will have a positive impact on your business, Big Data may create overload and burden. Understanding what data is important and relevant is equally essential. To process such amount of data and reveal significant information, advanced tools are vital.

Have a look at the services Paragyte can provide you for conquering the elephant of Big data:

Apache Mahout Services:

Apache Mahout offers algorithms focused principally in the areas of collaborative filtering, clustering and classification of big data, in addition to java libraries for math operations and primitive java collection. It is based on hadoop and is scalable, simple, fast and extensible.

Apache Pig services:

Apache Pig is a high-level platform utilizing pig scripting language in conjunction with hadoop. Programs developed using this platform have structure that are open to extensive parallelization enabling them to handle and analyze very large data sets. Pig scripts are translated into a series of MapReduce jobs that run on the Apache Hadoop cluster permitting the system to optimize their execution automatically.

Apache Solr services:

Apache Solr is the open source platform for searches of data stored in Hadoop distributed file system(HDFS). Its salient feature includes full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, ease of database integration, near real-time indexing, flexibility, adaptability and rich document handling.

Apache Hive services:

From the beginning, Apache Hive has been regarded as the de-facto standard for interactive SQL queries over large data sets in Hadoop. Through SQl-like structure, it provides the means to query, summarize and analyze big data and turn it into actionable business insight. As the volume and variety of data increases, more service machines can be added without having to affect the efficiency or performance.

Apache Spark services:

Apache Spark is an open source big data processing framework built for speed and ease of usability with refined diagnostics. It enables processing of big data with an array of data set diverse in nature. It also provides Map and Reduce operations along with other functions like support for SQL query, streaming data, machine learning and graph data processing.


MongoDB is a popular open source document oriented cross-platform No-SQL database which delivers high performance, high availability and easy scalability. It stores all the data in document form composed of key-value pair similar to JSON objects and is readily available for ad-hoc queries, indexing, replication, and MapReduced aggregation.

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