Top Javascript framework for mobile app development

mobile app development frameworks

With the exponential growth in smartphone sales, everybody is equipped with a medium to use internet. Living in this ‘smart’ age, our smartphones lets us pay our bill, recharge, shop, order food, and do many more things. This has given a boost to the mobile app development market and mobile app developers numerous challenges.

There are many different mobile platforms available today like iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry, etc. Application developed for different platform need different skill example Object-C for iOS, java for android and .NET for windows. JavaScript frameworks proved to be a game changer in this scenario by providing the ability of developing cross-platform apps. We now have so many javascript frameworks available with a new one coming every other day, making it confusing for JavaScript developer / business to select a framework to work on. Here are some of the top and most used mobile app development frameworks:

· PhoneGap — It is an open source framework build upon Cordova, developed by Adobe. You can develop app once and deploy on a broad range of platforms without losing out on the native features. It provides you with features to create offline/online available app and to convert your website into an app.

· Titanium — Titanium, MVC based open source framework, was developed by Appcelerator. Its award winning environment can be used to develop native app (mobile and web). It is said to ‘accelerate’ development by allowing you to create in a flexible manner.

· Jquery mobile — Jquery work with moto ‘write less, do more’ and so a HTML5 based framework will help you build application that can be accessed by all smartphones, tablets and desktops. It is touch-optimized letting you create responsive, touch-friendly forms and widgets.

· Snecha Touch — Snecha is cross-platform mobile web development framework build on the top of Ext JS utilizing ECMAScript5, CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript for creation of universal apps. It was developed by Snecha and uses MVC architecture.

· React native — React Native is an open source framework developed by Facebook. It utilizes reactjs services to create native mobile app. Experience on react js development will give you a quick start on this framework. Hot reloading is a feature worth mentioning.

· NativeScript — Native Script was designed by Telerik. It uses a single codebase for developing native apps in any platform following simple moto of-‘Write once, uses everywhere’. It provides an abstract layer between JavaScript background and native UI making communication between the two better.

· Ionic — Ionic is javascript framework build on the top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova providing tools and services to build mobile UI with native look and feel and node js developers can undertake the backend part. It is used for hybrid app development and needs native wrapper to run on mobile, that means you can package your application for platforms like iOS, Windows phone, android and Firefox OS.

We, at paragyte, can provide you with JavaScript Consulting and help in selecting the most suitable framework for your project.

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