What does it mean to truly embrace Big Data & Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Although most organizations claim to be fairly aware of the terms “Big Data” and “Analytics”, popular business reviews indicate that a majority of these organizations aren’t even close to recognizing the true potential of Big Data Analytics. And the reasons behind this are that they either lack vision, or communication, or an actual plan, or worse, all three. It is however, not too late. With technical and business experts proclaiming that the coming years will witness what Big Data Analytics can really achieve, there’s a lot companies wishing to truly embrace the concept can still do.

· First, appoint analytics mentors and supports in every leg of your organization. This is crucial to introducing / enhancing your analytics platform since fully informed decisions always stem from data, and that is never isolated to just one part of any organization.

· Ensure that every single person in your organization not just understands the value analytics can bring, but is also motivated to accept it.

· Implement sturdy and efficient Big Data solutions within your organization which will dedicatedly handle gathering, inputting, managing, analyzing, reporting, and post-collection of information. This needs to be done before you even start collecting data.

· Identify what you wish to achieve with the data once you have collected it. List down your exact goals and don’t be too ambitious at the start — keep it simple. Avoid extremely complex analytical goals when you’re at beginner level.

· Get ready to accept the fact that the right kind of analytics can pave the path to your success

While the above pointers may make you instantly jump the Big Data bandwagon, there are a few risk-points that also need to be addressed in order to gauge the capabilities of Big Data.

· The wrong kind of analytics has the power to disrupt every part of your business and economy. Automated programs based on prejudiced data sets have been known to trigger plentiful scandals in recent times.

· Big Data can be manipulated to suit specific requirements. When people know that a data set is being used to make significant decisions that will affect them, they have an enticement to tip the scales in their favor.

· Since much of the available data contains personal information, privacy violations and data thefts are on the rise.

Not just in business, Big Data has the potential to influence every aspect of our lives. No wonder the demand for Big Data Analytics Companies is on the rise. But realizing the true potential of Big Data requires responsibility and the wisdom to appreciate the downsides along with the upsides. With a little practice and caution, the hazards of Big Data can be largely avoided.

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