Why is Python a Good Programming Language?

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Python has slowly gained popularity alongside JAVA in the last 3 years. Web developers have largely relied on JAVA for most of the development. This is understandable, owing to the fact that JAVA is versatile. JAVA can be used to develop anything from a web application to a gaming client without much hassle.

Python had remained in the backdrops for a long time. Programmers are now dusting it off the shelves because of its performance, efficiency, and secure environment. Python is a gem of a language owing to its features. It is gaining popularity as a leading technology among programmers. It is easy to use, easy to learn and can be updated to suit the ever-evolving technologies.

Easy to learn

It is one of the best languages for beginners in programming. Any programming language has to be easy to learn and apply. If the application and the learning are difficult, then wide adoption is a problem. In today’s ever-changing technological world, ease of use and application takes top priority for many developers.


A programming language has to be very efficient to be widely used and applied. Any new technology has to fit the standards JAVA and Python has set with respect to efficiency. Because of the built-in methods and classes, Python helps a developer execute common tasks and repetitive functions systematically and seamlessly.

Highly scalable

Scalability has been a key requirement nowadays. Methodologies like Agile cater to this crucial requirement that helps companies deploy applications in parts. Python helps a developer do just that. Development can be done in parts, connected to the application, and can be moved to live; all this without affecting the other part of the application.

Always Updated

Every new technology has an expiry date. They will be replaced by a newer, better option. If a technology crosses the time barrier and spans for years, then it has the ability to adapt to changes. Python is definitely such a language. Because of such an adaptation to evolving changes, Python is being used to develop web applications and mobile apps currently.

Python is suggested as a very good language to learn for beginners in programming, which is attributable to its easy commands. Apart from being secure, reliable and robust, this time-evading programming language has 24/7 support from Python community that will help you as you learn and implement.

Many development service providers have included Python development and support in their portfolios. They provide Python development services that are customized to your working model and requirements. Alongside JAVA, Python is fast becoming a go-to programming language for web and desktop applications.

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