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The modern world is facing an unprecedented crisis.

The logistic entanglement of the current intertwined global economy is a perfectly developed environment for a virus to spread and no one knew it (actually, Bill Gates did but we will leave that story for another occasion). The chances of going from point A to point Z in less than 20 hours and bring along a deadly disease are as high as they could be.

These are undoubtedly anomalous and unpredictable times.

The changes brought upon society in the last few months have been life changing and full of challenges. In Europe alone around 200 000 people lost their lives and 800 000 lost their livelihood as some industries were put on pause. …

He will be walking us through his academic and professional background and provide us with an insight on how hard it was to find a job since the pandemic hit worldwide.

Santiago, thank you for joining us, congratulations on the new internship at SportsValue and good luck on this new journey!

Sports Value is a company based in São Paulo, Brasil and a SportIn Global Partner. SportIn Global presented the idea to Amir Somoggi, Sports Value director, to open an internship position to help them grow by utilizing young and talented sports professionals and at the same time help young talents to build their career path. …

Why you should be a Footbar Ambassador

This time we are bringing you Quentin Desseigne. Quentin is one of the responsible at our recruitment partner Footbar.

Footbar is a Sport Tech startup that markets a small sensor that evaluates match performance.

Learn more about Quentin, Footbar and the Meteor sensor in this article and at

Welcome, Quentin!

What are your responsibilities at Footbar?

I’m working to get our tracker and technology used by as many footballers as possible while trying to monetize that in the best way possible.

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How has your past experience contributed to the development of the company?

Before my arrival at Footbar in January 2020, I had just completed an internship in a startup operating in the sports sector, which is still very close to Footbar. I was therefore able to learn the “startup spirit” characterized by taking initiative, going beyond function, teamwork … Everything a footballer needs to integrate into a football team in fact! …

He is the prime example of dedication and had some great advice for us when it comes to building a career in the sports industry.

Thank you for joining us, Sandy! Next step is to have you on our podcast!

How did your connection with tennis start?

I started by being given a racquet and ball at about 8 years old and hitting on a wall at a club my family belonged to. …

Thanks for joining us, Rui!

1. Can you share a bit about your academic and professional experience?

My involvement with sports was initiated at the age 7 years old as a basketball player. Being involved since early age in the sport environment, the path of studying sports was almost a natural choice and I took a BSc in Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Coimbra. After that I taught physical education and continued playing basketball during a few years. I then took a MSc in Sport Management at the University of Lisbon. Upon finishing this degree, I got the opportunity to start a position as lecturer in a University. The experiences of writing a MSc thesis and teach in a University allowed me to collaborate in some research projects. These were important aspects of my decision to start a PhD in Sport Management at the University of Lisbon. After finishing my doctoral studies, I worked a few years in Portuguese Universities and then I moved to the UK to join Coventry University. …

I recently had an opportunity to talk to José about his career, the sports industry, and the organization’s plan and the recent partnership with SportIn Global. This is what he had to say.

Make sure to sign up and connect with José Monteiro and follow IFBB PT at SportIn Global. …


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Sports as a translation of our daily lifes

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