The Importance Of Not Just Creating, But Maintaining Friendships

Your friends are precious people. They help you through tough times, and hop over the obstacles in front of you. In a way, their support is unlike your parent’s, for they understand you more from your perspective. Most likely, your friends are your age so they will resonate with you more so than your parents. This is not to utter grating remarks about our parents however, but it is to say that their viewpoints may differ from yours.

Creating friendships is an important factor to build your connections and learn, however maintaining friendships are inarguably even more crucial. Imagine yourself getting to know everyone on the street, but you do not make the effort to ask for their contact information in order to keep in touch. And even if you do that, you do not constantly create conversation. Either way, this method to make friends will not be to your benefit. It is absolutely useless to create friendships, if you are not going to keep them.

Maintaining friendships is an art. There is not soley one way to approach it, because there is no one right way. Every friendship is different. Their personalities, attitudes, and temperaments, all play a part in this. For instance, if your friend is an extrovert, you might want to listen more than you speak, as they might favor speaking for the duration of the conversation. On the flip side, if your friend is an introvert, you might figure talking more would benefit the flow of the conversation. It is all about adjusting to what feels right and making it so that it does not feel awkward between you and your friends.

To further develop the relationship, the other parties will need to reciprocate the friendship because in any relationship, there is no such thing as a one-sided contribution. It takes everyone’s participation to make the friendship possible and continuous.

Maintaining friendships is not a simple task. It takes a whole lot of commitment, dedication, and love to make a friendship last. Once that friendship is established and made strong, you will form an unbreakable bond.