Sunsetting Parallel’s Universe

Six months ago, our four person team at Parallel published our latest experiment on Medium, Music together is better. Yes, real-time music listening had been attempted before, but our twist was in platform ubiquity (music service and device). By capturing the music in a passive nature, we could act as a top layer, connecting the scattered music ecosystem.

As we rolled out our Mac app that accompanied the Medium post, we were highly conscious of the main hypothesis: is music better together? …

In a universe filled with moments amplified by sound, how can we take the intimacy of music and use it to bring people closer?

At Parallel, our exploration began with curiosity, what music are you listening to right now? The answer is expansive because ‘now’ changes vastly with context. You could be running, commuting to work, hanging out with friends, or pulling an all nighter. Diving deeper, your music also reflects your attitude, energy, and spirit. In a sense, your current music follows you like a shadow magnifying your music footprint.

We love that companies like Spotify are experimenting with Discover Weekly and other Genres & Moods playlists to close the gap in capturing your personal music. …


Music together is better

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