Music together is better

In a universe filled with moments amplified by sound, how can we take the intimacy of music and use it to bring people closer?

Aug 21, 2016 · 2 min read
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At Parallel, our exploration began with curiosity, what music are you listening to right now? The answer is expansive because ‘now’ changes vastly with context. You could be running, commuting to work, hanging out with friends, or pulling an all nighter. Diving deeper, your music also reflects your attitude, energy, and spirit. In a sense, your current music follows you like a shadow magnifying your music footprint.

We love that companies like Spotify are experimenting with Discover Weekly and other Genres & Moods playlists to close the gap in capturing your personal music. While these playlists align and guide your music choice, we believe there is a missing element.

Our hypothesis is simple in theory, music together is better. By deemphasizing the static nature of playlists, and increasing the importance of the moment, people can groove on the same wavelength. The question, what music are you listening to right now, becomes meaningful and influential when you can share the experience.

To test our theory, we wanted to focus on the highest impact areas. Where do people listen to music and how do they communicate? Our evaluation narrowed down to Spotify and Slack for Mac. We identified signals that told us people want to share music between team members. In our interviews, we saw numerous work arounds. #music on Slack was commonly found littered with Spotify url posts. Subgroups like #beatbox and #gogogadgetmusic gather likeminded music souls to spark the music conversation. These signs hint at a new opportunity for social engagement.

Today, we release Parallel as a beta project to see if music together is better. With Parallel, you can listen with your favorite people through Spotify at the same moment. Download from and listen to Spotify like normal, we pick up the music in the background so everyone can listen together.

We believe this to be a profound way to transfer energy and spirit and we are eager to hear what you have to say. Join our public Slack channel, we’d love to listen together :D ~The Parallel Team

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