A cold bath Day 2

Inspired by the post “How to Build a Bulletproof Mind in 5 Minutes a Day”@benjamin_foley on cold baths I decided to try it out for the next 21 days. This and the following posts of this series will chronicle the experience.
Credit: http://jagran.com

In one word — Resistance.

Another late night yesterday, a midnight birthday celebration. Another groggy morning, but with an almost inescapable urge to do nothing.

I rolled off the bed, pushed my daughter to school and then rolled onto the couch for “just another 5 minutes”. While lying there I picked up the news paper and finished it till the end. I perused every page. I don’t normally do this, I generally scan the newspaper and am done in 5 Minutes, but today I felt the need to read a couple of paragraphs of each article.

It was only when I entered the bathroom and considered taking a bath did I realize that all this slacking off was just resistance to taking the cold water shower.

In contrast, my hot shower is the high-point of my morning routine! I enjoy standing in the hot spray. My water heater has a digital readout that tells me the temperature of the water at the outlet. The moment I turn on the shower, cold water from the pipe mixes with the hot water already in the heater and the temperature drops rapidly. When the reading drops below 40 the water becomes cold. In the past I have tried lengthening the time it takes for the reading to drop below 40 by altering the position of the hot water knob (keep it at medium rather than very hot), reducing the strength of the spray etc.

Getting into the shower was harder today. I probably stood for 5 — 10 minutes with the spray washing my feet before I charged in.

The cold that I had predicted yesterday didn’t come to pass, although, this maybe due to the cups of hot tea I gulped down. The headache, I have today as well. It’s not debilitating but it’s there.