CoderDojo Coolest Projects

Magikcraft has been selected to attend the CoderDojo Coolest Projects awards on June 17, 2017 in Dublin Ireland. The Coolest Projects Awards provides a platform for young coders to showcase their creativity and innovations and develop skills and confidence needed to showcase their brand and achievements globally. These awards will honour the coolest kids on the block demonstrating the phenomenal worth of the Coderdojo all over the world.

Prahlad Wulf, Brisbane Australia

Prahlad Wulf is attending this global event. He says, “I look forward to this event. First of all it’s on my birthday and second of all it gives me a chance to see how kids all over the world inspired by tech are helping to change the world around them.”

Last year Coderdojo Coolest Projects wowed everyone who attended with everything from awesome platform games, to eye-catching designed animations to wearable technologies. It is a must see event witnessing how young people from all over the world are going to define our future.

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