Fishburners Journal

It seems befitting to start my Journal with a bit of background information surrounding the namesake of Brisbane’s most remarkable startup ecosystem called Fishburners. The Fishburn was one of the eleven first fleet ships that sailed from Portsmouth, England on the 13th of May 1787. It was an 8 months journey of 15,000 miles with stops in Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town. Over 1,400 people were aboard these vessels and its final destination, Sydney Cove, received its goods of implements of agriculture, camp equipage, clothing for the convicts, baggage, provisions for two years and such other articles as were considered necessary to a colonial establishment. On Sunday 20 January 1788, George Worgan, Surgeon of the Sirius wrote; “between 7 and 8 o’clock this morning the Sirius accompanied by the Lady Penrhyn, Charlotte, Prince of Wales, Borrowdale, Fishbourn, and Golden Grove Transports anchored in Botany Bay.”

Fishburn Storeship (Marine Artist Frank Allen)

For 1,400 people aboard the first fleet ships in 1787, they encountered a fresh beginning in an unchartered territory. For nine people who won second place at the Flight Centre Hackathon held at Fishburners on 24–26 March 2017, there is a chance for their startup to enter into a fresh ecosystem of ideas and innovation.

It would be wishful thinking if our startup, Magikcraft took eight months to reach its final destination or to even realise what the final destination of the startup is. Either way, if I was aboard the Fishburn the hope and the willingness to encounter frontiers, overcome obstacles, pioneer changes, transcend difficulties and finally provide what is needed for the 22nd century would be relevant then as it is now.

Welcome to my Journey on the Fishburn at Fishburners.