Key Life Lessons There is No Turning Back From

You can agree or disagree, but you can’t ignore them.

Param Aggarwal
3 min readFeb 25, 2016


The Beginning

It starts with a dream. The one we see with open eyes, and the one we see with closed eyes. But we are afraid; afraid to let them be anything other than just dreams.

There were dreams,
what would happen and not
and there was reality,
what happened and didn’t.

When reality challenged the dreams,
the dreams began to change reality.

There is this fear — can we make the dream a reality, or will reality challenge the dream and not let happen?

People block themselves.

They believe they are missing something at the moment, so they can’t take the jump, can’t take the dive and do what they want to do. They wait.

Age, knowledge, money, luck — people are creative in findings ways to block themselves. And then they wait some more.

They scour for inspiration, motivation and wisdom. And then they wait for their end.

Just do.

The Process

As you put your head down and pick up the pencil, your mind wonders — will this work? Is this the one true path?

There is and isn’t. There is no wrong, right, good, bad, could have, should have, will, might.

Either something is being done right now or not being done. What matters is this,

There is only a vision of how mankind should be, and the relentless resolve to make it so.

Once we have a reason to do something, there is no further reason to doubt it. We are taught that hate, anger and selfishness are bad. But the hard truth is just the opposite.

Nothing great was ever achieved without hate, anger and being selfish.

Hate for something makes you want to change it. Anger keeps you persistent, and being selfish is your personal reward. Mark probably hated it that the school yearbook profiles were locked away in a printed book. It must have made him angry enough for him to put the effort into building Facebook for himself. And building for your own self is selfish in a way? But today it has changed the lives of everyone who uses it.

The Science

As you go down this chosen path, there are obstacles. There are bridges to cross. When does it all end? When do we reach our destination?

If you keep moving in the right direction for sufficiently long enough, you will reach where you want to be.

Grit is the material of which successful people are made of. Maniacal dedication to the chosen path. Each step is precious.

You cannot make something without destroying something else. Choosing what to make is what differentiates the good from the bad.

One day you look back and you realize how far you have come. But the dreams that got us here won’t take us into our next chapter.

Keep the dreams ahead of what is possible.

And it repeats. The joy is in the process itself.

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“There is only a vision of how mankind should be, and the relentless resolve to make it so.” is a quote by Bret Victor. Rest all quotes from the author himself.



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