Birds in a Busy City

Sankey Tank, the most beautiful lake in Bangalore.

Param Aggarwal
4 min readFeb 22, 2016

Sankey Tank is actually a lake that has been converted into a tourist attraction. It’s a great place to start your weekend in Bangalore, the IT hub of India. A busy, very busy city. Sankey is a great run-away spot for all the people spending their weekdays in front of a computer screen. In the morning you see ducks coming out to feed themselves and their family.

Around the tank, there is a beautiful walking track. It goes around most of the tank, but it is not a complete round track. So when you enter the tank from one side, you either go one side or the other. Animals have territories, and if you follow the track on the left, you enter the Eagles’ Hub. Tall trees with around half a hundred eagles.

The double crested Cormorant. This is the territory on the right of the lake. This bird is amazing. It can dive into water, fish for its food and then float back up and take off!

I got the opportunity to also take some videos of the bird as it landed on the lake, took a dive, grabbed a fish and took flight again.

People come to Sankey Tank early morning to catch some sun, or get some miles on their feet. A friendly little squirrel is there to motivate you. They will occasionally cross your path, teasing you for your slow speed.

The lake generally has an ancient British beauty to it with its hard stone walls. The contrast of the hard rugged stone with the cool water is soothing. A great way to start your weekend.

The Lotus. The national flower of India.

And, off for a jog now!

Most photography and videography by me. Special thanks to Rajat Mathur and Neeraj Upadhyay for helping me with these.

All photos shot using a Canon 600D with Sigma 70–300mm lens at Sankey Tank, Bangalore, India.

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