Ageing With Grace

An Active Relationship With God

Pray every day. Several times a day. Before every meal thank for the daily bread. The best prayers are prayers of gratitude. Prayer is nothing but conversation. Use conversational language.

Attend church every Sunday. The service is the Love God part. But the after service hour is the love one another part. That is also important. Greet people. Inquire upon people. There is a third part. Love all humanity. Give.

Forgive. Forgiveness is when nobody or no event from your past generates negative emotions in you. Are you done forgiving?

When you accepted Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior, you conquered death. Bravo. Death is not the end of you. Just secure your place in Heaven. Ask for forgiveness if you need to for any lingering detail. Forgive others, but also forgive yourself.

Get into yoga and meditation. The joints are more important than the muscles, the lungs more than the joints, and the mind sits above it all.

Spouse, Family, Friends, Relatives

Just like you can keep deepening your faith in God to the very last day, you can keep working on your marriage to the very last day.

And if you are single, ask someone out. You are never too old to date. Get married. It is nice to have someone to talk to, every day, multiple times a day.

In the senior years, relationships seem to make all the difference.

Surveys show most seniors think their marriage is the most wonderful part of their senior years.

Health, Hobbies

In retirement suddenly you have time to devote to your hobbies that you did not have before. Go back to hobbies you gave up on for lack of time. Join interest groups. Start one.

Don't cut yourself from your career path completely. Perhaps you can be a mentor to someone in the same field who might just be starting out. This is one of the best ways to give. And it will keep your mind active.

Health is wealth. That is true at all ages. You can be walking and talking to your very last day.

Walk for 60 minutes every day.

Read and write for 60 minutes every day. The brain also needs exercise. The brain is one organ in the body that stays vigorous to the very last. Socialize for 60 minutes every day. Conversations are good for your mental and emotional health.

Drink two to three liters of water per day.

Reduce your food portions. Stay in the healthy body fat percentage range. But beware malnutrition. Eat your fruits and vegetables.

Make Plans, Have Goals

Plan on living a long life.

Make plans. Have goals.

Age doesn't slow you down, your attitude does!

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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