America Killing Bees

It is a suicidal country that would kill bees. America is busy killing bees. No bees, no agriculture. No food, no life.

America has been the number one culprit behind global warming. It is not too late to engineer a course correction, but there is not too much time left.

There are those who are in Climate Change Denial. That is like Holocaust Denial, times 1,000. The holocaust saw six million dead. Global warming gone haywire is six billion dead.

There are those who imagine a few degrees warmer would mean warmer winters. Wouldn't that be nice? It is not that simple. A few degrees warmer means more violent weather, more unpredictable weather. At the extreme scenario the weather globally becomes so volatile, extreme and unpredictable that it will have become absolutely unpredictable. The fastest computers could not help you. That is a no agriculture scenario.

Similarly rising sea levels is not simply a rise in sea levels but a more violent sea.

This is easily the biggest crisis the planet faces right now.

The earth is your only home. Venus and Mars are proof. Venus used to have water. Mars is in the goldilocks zone. The earth has been created just perfect for humanity.

I hear there is intelligent life in Africa.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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