Can Priests Go To Hell?

Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.

Human beings are God’s creation, God's children. Those who stand between God and humanity commit sin. The caste system in India, the Greater Wall Of India, stands between God and humanity. The 100 million Brahmins who swear by the caste system are all going to hell. The other 900 million need to understand that people who are going to hell themselves can not take you to Heaven. Think. And drop the caste system. A priest is someone who makes the effort to learn, it is supposed to be a meritocratic title. Priests are not born to priests any more than kings are born to kings. Empty rituals do you no good.

The Indians were the original chosen people, but today Indians have fundamentally lost their way. India's caste system is Satan's finest piece of work. It is the same Satan in every religion.

Nobody who believes in God can say no to Jesus Christ, the Son Of God, begotten not made. A billion Indians need to accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior. That is the only available way to get accurate information on the soul. The Indian Aristotles and Platos have poisoned the Indian mind with false information about the soul. If you do not have a soul, does it even matter that there is a God and there is a Heaven?

Getting accurate information on the soul will open up the possibility for the billion Indians to rediscover the one true Living God who has showed up as two distinct incarnations among them, Rama and Krishna. Vishnu in the Hindu belief system is the Holy Father in the Christian belief system. But in the Hindu belief system today he is beyond recognition, generation upon generation of corrupt Brahmins have added so many imaginary bells and whistles to the image. It is hard today to tell the difference between Vishnu and Harry Potter.

Do priests go to hell? All the time. The caste Brahmins are all going to hell. Dismantle the caste system or go to hell. Human beings have been created equal by the creator.

The only soul you can save is your own. Priests and spiritual workers are to approach their work with that kind of humility.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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