"Come Down From The Cross!"

When the Roman guards and onlookers taunted Jesus to "come down from the cross," Jesus actually had the power and the option to come down from the cross. The angels were at the ready. It was an exercise of free will. Jesus could have opted to not go for it and the Holy Father would have figured out another course of action through His Ultimate Intelligence. But thy will be done is a submission to the Ultimate Intelligence, Infinite Love and Total Power. If the Son Of God can do it, so can you.

They wanted him to come down from the cross to prove he was the Son Of God, like he claimed. He had performed many miracles, he had raised Lazarus from the dead only a few days before. He had fulfilled numerous prophecies from the scriptures. And yet they asked for just one more miracle.

To the forces of evil, Jesus performing miracles was reason to kill him. The 5,000 he fed with fish and bread saw the miracle, feasted on it, and still refused to listen to him. They wanted an earthly king.

The crucifixion is so loaded with meaning and is still seemingly out of reach to half of humanity, more than half. Even those who claim to accept it, many have not grasped the basics of it.

Resurrection really happened. That was the whole point. If you believe in God, you don't struggle with it. Raising somebody from the dead is a small matter for the creator of Heaven and earth.

One way to see crucifixion is God so respects human free will. Another is that He so loves humanity. A third that nothing that could happen to your body is reason to deviate from the path of God. Four, it was a conquest of death. Human beings have been creating religion after religion through history trying to figure out death; crucifixion is direct information. There are many others. That God revealed the crucifixion hundreds of years before the Romans came up with crucifixion as a practice, and it was declared that "not one bone will be broken" is a hint at God's intelligence and power. The intelligence is total, the power is total.

Jesus died for every single human being. There is but one God, there always has been but one God. The Son Of God is one. There was only one Big Bang. There is but one Creator.

Crucifixion as God's work is simply perfect. It is not possible to add or subtract any detail to it. And the message is timeless.

That Jesus chose not to come down from the cross was an act of respect for human free will.

God respects human free will. God similarly respects human cultural diversity. Human cultural diversity is a few things come together. Every human being is unique. Human beings are social beings and end up in groups. People being together for sustained periods of time end up with unique group identities, perhaps best reflected in linguistic diversity.

Jesus could have been born a Tamil, a Tibetan, a German, or a Zulu, but he could not have been born culturally neutral. God did not only work with an earthly body, within the domain of human free will, but also within the parameters of cultural diversity.

Cultural diversity is 100% in the mind. God is about the soul. God's message has to be carried to the far corners of the earth in ways that respect cultural diversity.

The Gospel is full of culture specific details specific to time and place, but the basic message is timeless.

People who worship Rama and Krishna should look into Jesus. People who worship Jesus should look into Rama and Krishna. It is not possible to take any of them out of their cultural contexts, but the message in each case is timeless.

God wants human beings to know cultural diversity is natural and good. God wishes for human beings to respect cultural diversity as biodiversity.

Jesus, Krishna and Rama are all culture specific names, earthly names. Neither of them had that name in Heaven. Those are three earth names. The messages from the three form one beautiful composite. And the message in each case is timeless.

But there has been a tendency among the priestly class in each case to embellish the story. Whereas the effort should be to present the life details of each as accurately as possible.

Kumar: Wake Up To God