Conquering Sin, Death And The Devil

It gets said Jesus conquered sin, death, and The Devil. What does that mean?

Some people think that means The Devil no longer exists.

By that token, people should no longer be dying. But people are dying left and right. People keep sinning. Evil happens on earth. There is still evidence of evil deeds.

What does it mean to say Jesus conquered sin, death and The Devil?

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior, and ask for forgiveness for your past sins with a repentant heart, you get a clean slate, and you secure your place in Heaven. That is how Jesus conquered sin and death on your behalf. He died for you. Death does not have to be the end of you. You can expect everlasting life. You do not have to end up in Hell.

When Jesus went into the desert after getting baptized, he resisted temptations and deceptions by The Devil. It was so to set an example. This is how you conquer The Devil, he meant to say.

You might resist The Devil's temptations and deceptions, but what if Satan convinces others to harm you and they try to?

That is why it is important to build communities of prayer and to belong to one. Even that is not enough. It gets said, no one is free until everyone is free. That is true. You are not fully out of Satan's clutches until all human beings everywhere are free. But humanity already knows how to get there.

Jesus indeed conquered sin, death and The Devil on your behalf. He died for you. Conquering all three is within reach for every human being within the domain of human free will.

Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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