Cows, Beef, Religion, Science, And Global Warming

Forget the religion part for a second. Forget what the Hindus are saying. But the science of global warming is saying beef eating might be the top reason behind global warming. Cows fart methane that goes into the upper atmosphere, destroys ozone, and more of the sun rays come in and heat things up. Cows seem to have heavenly powers, science has found out. And when they are given the inhuman industrial agricultural treatment, they fart even more voluminously.

Forget the Hindus. Just focus on the global warming part.

Global warming is for real. It is existential. Humanity is a few bad moves away from crossing the precipice, a point of no return of sorts. Humanity could end up right back at the stone age, quite literally. Cows seem to have that much power.

How an itty-bitty ocean-dwelling bacteria helps regulate our climate In researching some of the smallest, simplest cells known to science, researchers have made an accidental discovery, putting these bacteria at the center of a cycle that helps regulate our planet’s climate.

Good timing though. Now they have veggie burgers. They taste just like meat, but are veggie, rich in nutrition, and with no global warming bad news. That meat is manufactured. Good for the environment, good for the body, good for the taste buds, good for the planet.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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