Earth And Heaven: Which Is Real?

Some people claim you are not real. This earth is not real. What you see is not real.

I will not say Hindus say it, because Hinduism is five different religions pretending to be one religion. Even quantum physicists have started doubting if matter and mass exist at all.

It is all a perception, they say.

But the earth is real. The world is real. You are real. Your body is not permanent but your body is real.

There is this claim that because this world has been created by God, it is just an illusion.

If the earth is not real, then neither is Heaven, and those are the only two worlds you have access to.

But Heaven is real, as is earth. You are real. The world you see is real. Your body is real. Not permanent, but real. Your soul is much more real than your body. But both are real.

God spoke this world into existence. God is the creator of both Heaven and earth. Both are real. God created you. You are real.

God is real. Heaven is real. Angels are real. This world is real. You are real.

Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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