Faith And Doubt

Ignorance is when you never really woke up to God. You did not do it on your own. No one helped you. You did not know any better. That is not a problem as long as it is not permanent.

Agnostic is when you are not sure. Maybe there is a God, maybe there isn't. Who knows? How could anyone possibly know for sure even if He exists? Obviously there is no way of knowing. Even those who believe in God say so but can't possibly know for sure, by definition. So I am just being more honest than them, at least I am bluntly saying I am not sure.

Faith is when you believe in God despite your not having any evidence. A strong faith is realizing God is beyond space and time and that is why faith is the only possible bridge. It is like saying, someone is in another country, and so talking on the phone is the only option. In person talk is not an option.

Doubt is when you are not sure no more. Yesterday you had faith. Today you are not so sure. Yesterday you knew God existed. Today is a fresh start. You are not sure no more.

Atheism is you being certain there is no God. Absolutely certain. This is not people who say they are "spiritual, but not religious." That is faith. Faith and organized religion are not the same thing.

The problem is this is not a spectrum. The reality is binary. Either you believe in God, or you don't. Those are the only two available options. Some agnostics think they are on neutral ground. But no neutral ground exists.

When you are in faith, you are with God. When you are in doubt, you are with The Devil, and you are vulnerable.

Praying is not just kneeling down at church. You could pray while walking, you could pray without uttering words. You could pray just because you made the effort to concentrate your mind. You tried to get into rhythm with the universe, and so you prayed without even realizing. Those who make the effort to do good are also praying in their own way. Good deeds are good. But the effort to determine what is good is a prayer of its own kind.

But there is astounding joy to be experienced in having total faith in God, and being able to actively pray.

God not only exists, He is the biggest thing that exists.

Pray. Make the effort. Ask all your questions. Find someone who will answer them. Come to God in a way that you may then never know another way.

Cultivate a strong faith. Building muscles asks for an exercise regimen. If you will just open your heart, cultivating a strong faith is almost easier.

Body. Mind. Heart. Soul. Take good care of each.

The weird thing about doubt is, God is by far the biggest presence in what you call reality. He created you and your so called reality. How can you not see the proverbial elephant in the room? If evidence is your style, the evidence is quite literally everywhere. Look. Feel it. The creation is the miracle.

Either you believe in God, and you are with God, and you are in joy. Or you don't believe in God, and you are sitting in The Devil's lap. Those are the only two available options. God does not stop existing just because you don't believe He exists. Similarly, when you are sitting in The Devil's lap, you're sitting in The Devil's lap. That you are not even aware you are sitting in The Devil's lap does not change the fact that you're sitting in The Devil's lap. The Devil likes it best when you are not even aware. Lack of joy in your life should be a warning sign to you. God is about permanent joy.

Cultivate faith. Enrichen it. Deepen it. Make it as strong as possible. Constantly renew your faith. Jesus' message basically is three words: pray, love, forgive. The message does not seem to have an expiration date.

For you to not believe in God is like a student of geography saying, but I don’t see any Pacific Ocean on the map. Hello. That ocean is the biggest thing on the map.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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