Forget Jesus, Let’s Start With God

Jesus Christ: liar, lunatic, Lord, or legend? This gets asked often. The mistake is that there is too much emphasis on logic, not enough on love.

But forget Jesus. Let's start with God. Does God exist? Not God that all human groups seem to have longed for through all history. We know that longing has existed and exists today. That is not the question.

The question is not if a longing for God exists. Because it is possible a longing for God is just a function of the human brain, just like humans also seem to long for food, air, sex. Is God just a longing? An yearning?

But food exists. Seems to. Does God exist? Or are human beings lunatics, and have been all along? Longing for something that does not really exist?

But if God does exist, then the idea of Son Of God is not a leap of faith, but fact. If God, on the other hand, does not exist, then we have bigger problems on our hand than whether Jesus was a lunatic. We might have a lunatic species.

Forget Jesus. Start with God.

How come people don't ask if Julius Caesar existed? Because Caesar was simply man? Caesar was on the visible spectrum, so he can be seen. But Jesus was both on the visible and the invisible spectrum. And so it is hard to see him?

Human humility sees the limitations of the human eye, but if humans were only human eyes! Perhaps the visible spectrum also applies to the human mind, to the lifespan of human beings itself.

God is not only real, God is the most prominent presence in reality, God is the Creator of what you call reality.

All logic and no love, is that even logic?

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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