Getting Body, Mind, Heart, Soul In Alignment

When it comes to your body, the last thing you want to do is try to emulate the media's image of beauty. And you want to learn some basic biology. As in many things natural the body is designed to come in many shapes and sizes. And thin does not always mean healthy. Somebody could be thin and have a clogged artery in the heart.

But despite the diversity there is a range for the healthy body fat percentage. Find out what is yours and stay within your healthy range. It boils down to eat, sleep, exercise. Eat healthy, sleep plenty, exercise daily. The most important thing you "eat" is water. Make sure you drink plenty.

When it comes to the body, your brain included, exercise is about movement. For the mind, it is the opposite. That is how you know the brain is physical, the mind is not physical. The mind is naturally restless. "Exercise" for the mind is making it still. Yoga and meditation are helpful and should be incorporated into the daily routine. Deep breathing exercises are very helpful. They help with mind stillness and also feed the brain's number one food: oxygen. Learning and teaching are also great for the mind. Read. Write.

Heart is about love and family and meaningful close relationships and friendships. Family is ancient wisdom. Modern social science research also seems to point in its direction. A healthy community also is important. You want to tend to your relationships like you tend to a garden. The family is the basic unit of society and it is worth nurturing. You love, you forgive, you communicate.

You have a soul. That soul is not made of anything in this universe. It is made of "matter" that can be recognized in Heaven. God, your creator, is king of that Heaven. Your soul is unique in the history and future of time.

To not know that you have a soul is to be out of alignment. To not know your soul is unique and there is only one of you is to be out of alignment. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior is not about glorifying Jesus, it is about facing the fact that your soul is unique. You do not have a soul like you have a limb. It is not true that every soul is like every other. The soul is the permanent part of you, the body is temporary.

To live a happy, fulfilling life you want your body, mind, heart and soul in alignment. Nobody who believes in God can deny Jesus Christ is the Son Of God.

On the other hand, taking good care of your body is also important, for your body is His temple. Your personal space is the only place you connect with God, even in congregation.

Cars that are out of alignment don't drive all that well.

Kumar: Wake Up To God