God’s Existence

There are those who don’t believe in God, or say they don’t. Sometimes they are saying they are not part of any organized religion. Sometimes they are disapproving misuse of the term, past or present. Sometimes they are saying the term has been used to represent fear, ignorance, or prejudice. Sometimes they are disapproving the exercise of power who profess to talk on God’s behalf. But most often, these days, a lot of people simply think deep knowledge seems to explain so much about the universe, if there is a God, where is He?

Physicists say, if you were to head in 50 different directions from earth and keep going and going, ultimately all 50 of you will end up on earth, such is the construction of the universe. Think of 50 as the 50 branches of knowledge. If you go deep enough in any branch of knowledge, you end up with God.

Math and science are God’s creation. The universe is His creation. Your faculties are His creation. All branches of knowledge are God’s creation. Technology is God’s creation. When organized religion has clashed with science in the past, organized religion has been at fault. Physics just might be one of the best ways to appreciate God’s creation, if physics is your thing. And if you only know or care for math and science and have never particularly cared for scripture, every word of which may be questioned, then look up some YouTube videos on the geometry of 10 dimensions. By your own admission you are a four dimensional creature. Should you not be humble about the larger dimensions?

Some people think, there are more than seven billion people on earth. Even if God exists, how could He possibly know I exist, or have time for me?

The Internet was created by human beings. But when you go online it feels like the Internet has been built only for you; you get this super customized experience. And the Internet was built by human beings.

God is thought to have Super Intelligence, but already scientists think they might be able to build Artificial Intelligence that might crunch 100 times the data of a human brain.

Science tells us our human eyes only see the visible spectrum, which is a very narrow band of the full spectrum. What makes you think our minds are not the same? Should we not be humble about our mental faculties?

Your soul is unique in the history and future of time. And there is a Heaven. And God wants you in Heaven. Think of the absolute best music you have ever heard on earth, be it Mozart or Ravishankar, or whatever your particular taste. Heaven has music that is 100 times better in quality. Think of the most love you ever felt. God’s love for you is 100 times of that. In Heaven you will feel it all the time.

God is loving. God is kind. God is forgiving.

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